Sunday, March 22, 2009

Birthday Song.... 2 yrs

I already forgot start when Jie Ying knew how to sing birthday song. This time I able to record it using my h/phone.... she is singing

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to Jie Ying

Happy birthday to you

Yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mummy & Daddy's good girl

2 years old Birthday Celebration at Kuang

This is what happen when all the grand-child coming back to grand parent's house.

It's time to take out the cake for my birthday celebration liao. I can open the fridge by myself...

Thank you Swan Yun Jie Jie helping me to open the cake box.

Its Mickey Mouse on the cake, 4 of them are so happy saw it. Look the Jun Shang Ko Ko so fast blow the candle liao. Now a days, only kids are in the screen. Adults behind the camera.... Hahaha...

This time sing chinese birthday song to let the birthday girl blow candles, who knows... alamak... still not fast enough... hahaha... have to light the candles again lor....

Yeah !!! Jie Ying blow the candles liao. Lucky this time she act fast & somebody helping to stop Swan Yun jie jie. But they look like not enough, want to blow 1 more time... hahaha... 1 cake blow many times.... as long as the kids are happy, so do we lah.

See, Swan Yun jie jie really big girl liao, help mei mei cut the cake.

Hahaha.... my 3rd sister in law put some cream on Jie Ying's nose. Jie Ying wipe & eat it.... yiak....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

2 years old Birthday Celebration at PJ House

We having small birthday party for Jie Ying 2 years old. Only invite my aunt & her family, and my mom's best friend. At the video you can see Birthday girl is "Pai Seh" when we start sing the birthday song. Hahaha.....

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mop the floor ~ 1year 11 mths

Jie Ying is helping grandma mop the floor or just play ????

This only called "mop floor" hahaha....

Saturday, February 28, 2009

sick ~~~ 1years 11mths 1days

Sunday 22 Feb 2009
~~~This morning wake up, Jie Ying body is heat. 37 celsius. Let her take fever medicine. Only take 1 time, she recover liao. ( that is wat I think lah )

Monday 23 Feb 2009
~~~4am - Jie Ying wake me up asking for water. Her body heat again.... 38.8 celsius... WAH.... quick quick give her fever medicine + cool fever stick on her forehead. Lucky got standby cool fever at the fridge. She crying after I stick cool fever, I lie to her "doctor said have to wear it then only can see doctor tomorrow". I want to make sure it stick tight also ask me don't touch... pengsan.
~~~Bring her see doctor, normally she fever because of the sore throat or throat infection. Doctor checked her throat - infection but not serious. Doctor give anti-biotic "strawberry flavour" (mild type) + fever medicine (white colour, strong type) ..... costing me RM60.00.
~~~Remind hubby to set alarm at 3am to check Jie Ying fever again. Temperature ok = safe.

Tuesday 24 Feb 2009
~~~This morning wake up, Jie Ying body stil heat again, 37.2 celsius. Ask nanny to pay more attention to her( Got 3 little baby under 1 year old at nanny's hse). Jie Ying cry again while I want to go for work. Poor little girl, saying bye bye to her mummy while crying :'(
~~~When I go pick her, nanny said she sleep until 3pm wake up "cooling" 打冷阵 but body is heat. She still drink milk when she want to sleep, noodle & bread stil consume. Take medicine.
This little sick princess keep "lao kao" at home & dun want to drink water & milk even medicine. I put her to sleep @ 7pm. Until 9.30pm still sleeping, have to wake her up scare she don't want to sleep during bedtime.
~~~I reserve some fish & soup for her. YEAH !!! She finish almost 1 big bowl of soup. BUT when I give her fish, she keep saying her mouth pain...PAIN PAIN PAIN... Play until 12am midnight only willing to sleep at bedroom. Don't want milk. Fever medicine also have to "tipu-tipu" & "main-main" only able to take.
~~~Scare fever increase again, set alarm at 2am, no use, WHY ??? Cause she wake up at 12.30am cry so loud. She want to sleep at downstair spring cot. After she sleep, I bring her up to the room. BUT..... 2.30am she cry again asking for spring cot. Haiz... Temperature 37.3 celsius. Whole nite can't sleep.

Wednesday 25 Feb 2009
~~~My mom cook noodles for breakfast, give some for Jie Ying. She keep saying her mouth pain. Stil consume a bit. Bring her see doctor again. Telling doctor yesterday noon she feel "cooling" 打冷阵 but body is heat at nanny's hse. Doctor said its because of very high fever liao. Check her throat - got white dot & ulser at left side of mouth. Change strong anti-biotic ..... costing me RM50.00. I told doctor she don't drink milk, water & medicine also. Doctor said have to give her water at least 1.5oz per hour, can drink 2oz will be good. Scare burn Liver if not enough water while fever. Can give her 100 PLUS also, Vitamin C can give but not multi- vitamin. According to doctor if continue fever until friday, saturday have to blood test.
~~~Jie Ying drink a lot water at home today. Like playing masak masak... Mummy feed daughter, daughter feed mummy... HAHAHA... at least she finish 10oz... of course some are inside mummy's mouth liao lah.
~~~Still don't want milk, even medicine. Force her take fever medicine during nite time.
~~~But no more fever since this morning lah.

Thursday 26 Feb 2009
~~~Stop giving her fever medicine. But she stil don't want to drink milk. Buy Ulcer gel at Farmasi. Have to act like see Doctor...look at her hand, take temperature, check her body, check her mouth then only let me apply Ulcer gel at her nouth.
~~~Since Monday - 4 days time - she consume so little food & milk, BUT stil active like normal.

Friday 27 Feb 2009
~~~AGAIN 4am, Jie Ying wake me up asking for water. Fever come back again. 37.8 celsius. Don't want to apply cool fever. Saw cool fever already crying. You know what I do... I open the cool fever at my left hand, sing song to her, use my right hand comb her hair at forehead. Once she not notice, quick quick TAMPAL cool fever at her forehead...Hahaha...of course "lao kao" awhile lah. But later not allow me to touch it leh... pengsan.
~~~Solve 1 problem, another problem is she don't want to take fever medicine. force her also spit out. Have to change pillow case & her cloth...WHAT TO DO...Have to sing her song, tipu-tipu, then I take her pacifier & put some medicine on it. Let her suck, keep saying spicy, give her water & repeat it again. Her lips also got medicine. I teach her use tongue to lick it...HAHAHA...she said sweet sweet. Take opportunity let her take all the medicine...Hooray...(too early). After I give her few times some water, she vomit - phlegm & a bit medicine. Have to change bedsheet, protector & shower Jie Ying.
~~~Hubby said have to bring her see doctor & blood test.
~~~Doctor said because she don't take fever medicine yesterday whole day, no need to blood test. Temperature is ok, white dot on throat already missing. Jie Ying is recovered slowly. Just that Ulcer make her pain & don't want to eat. Force her drink water infront of doctor. Drink about half oz, doctor give sweet...costing RM25.00
~~~Always scare her that is don't drink water, doctor will bet her arse. Just now the baby don't want to drink water, doctor bet her arse lor. So Jie Ying have to drink water.
~~~Evening time, we play masak-masak again. Mummy feed daugther, daughther feed mummy. Start back to normal - drink water & want milk liao.

............HOORAY HOORAY HOORAY.......

P/S : Jie Ying's weight on Monday 23th Feb = 11.5 kg. Her weight drop to 10.5kg on Friday 27th Feb ............. 5 days drop 1kg. How long do I need to put on her weight :'(
On the 8th of Feb, she also get throat infection but not serious like this time. From that day onwards, she keep saying want to see doctor in the morning. If you ask her where you want to go... she will reply " see doctor "

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back from Bangkok

While Hee & I at Bangkok, my mom help me to take care Jie Ying during night time. From Feb 8th to 11th , total of 4 nights , my little princess sleep with my mom.

We arrived at home about mid night. I didn't carry Jie Ying back to our own room.

This morning while I finish washing myself, heard my little girl calling for Grandma. I reach the room & want to carry her. :'( she don't want me. Act like I am a stranger. Only want my mom.


Friday, October 31, 2008


I receiving call from grand-uncle @ 3pm+.... our house had been robed. My digital camera put in the TV cabinet are gone; plasma TV also. My heart beat like stop. I intercom my manager telling him I m going back home coz of it.

When I arrival at home, TV is gone; so do my digital camera; my hubby's notebook too... only this 3 things at downstair are missing. When I on my way to upstair, saw the storeroom also untidy. Nothing important @ storeroom. I rush to upstair, my bedroom... @#$%^&*^%$^& kanasai... all disorderly heap of clothes & etc...(later I wil upload the picture)... same happen to my grand-uncle & my brothers bedroom... mine are the worst.

According to few of my neighbour, it happen around 12.30pm- 2pm. 2.30pm the theft should be gone liao. Next 2-door neighbour also been robed. But becoz his house had been happen 3 times, so this time the theft din take more then RM100, so they come to my house. The other neighbour saw a new Mercerdes-Bens park in front of my house, he thought they are my relative and din really border.

After collect information from neighbour, I feel lucky also. WHY ??? Normally I will buy lunch and go back home, means during my lunch time 1pm-2pm I should be at home. But today, I go out lunch with my mom. I really cannot imaging what will happen to me if I go back home & the theft still in the house. DIED.........really scare...

After the Forensic had do thier job (looking for the finger print), hubby & I do quick clean-up. We had the list stuff missing... 1 box content bank book, FD cert, about RM500 inside (RM5 notes keep for Jie Ying saving); my mom's pocket money for Nov-RM500, Guess couple watch - my anniversary present; Jewellery; hubby notebook; digital camera. Still need proper clean up then only will know whether got others things missing or not. I really "heart pain" is - the digital camera missing with the 2GB memory card. Its full of photo & video clip... now its missing ..... I only copy the Melaka trip photo on 18.10.08-19.10.08 into my office PC, the others din make copy... SO... you all will not see my posting on Oct 2008 except the Melaka trip...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Price for "BACK OFF"

Do you ever shout at your hubby ask him to "BACK OFF"
I did it on last Tuesday nite (the day b4 Raya). I yell at him & ask him to "Back OFF", dun touch Jie Ying.

What happen? Jie Ying dun like her father to carry her coz the father want her to be quiet, dun like her turn here & there. Normally hubby will carry her tide tide, when he do so, Jie Ying will shouting and crying (almost want to collapse whole house). In a bad mood & "FAN" mood, I ask hubby to "back off".

Because of that, we are in "COOL WAR".

After "COOL WAR" for a week time, slowly slowly we have talk, but still like got something in the heart. Make my decision to END this WAR deeply, get this 3G Nokia 3120 for hubby.

p/s : Actually I have a lunch with Agnes on the 5th Oct. Promise to bring her for Ampang "yong tau foo" before she go to Genting. Because of this "COOL WAR", I break my promise. Hereby want to apologize to Agnes & family - Sorry Agnes dear. Please forgive me. *** Muak Muak ***

Friday, January 4, 2008

Sleeping time ~ 9 Months 2 Days

Its time to go to sleep, still waiting the busy mummy to bring me for bed. At the meanwhile I only can "sayang" my boster & mummy suck my mouth wt pacifier to stop me crying & "lao kai".

See ... I can stand-up stably.... cheers !!!

9mths 2 weeks

Very rude baby-Chong Jie Ying.. She throw the Music Dinosaur on the floor, the batery also come out. When daddy fix it, she "kepoh" want to help but after get the battery, direct put on the mouth... hahaha... look the way she sit on the floor & dance... very cute...

Gift for mummy.....

This few weeks, my mum a little bit "cham hei"... she keep nyee nyee ngam ngam her husband... Why ??? She said her husband now got daughter no wife liao. Everything also think about the little daughter only. Daughter got so many Christmas present but wife dun even have small gift.

But from today onwards, she won't said that again. Hahaha... Daddy get her this "Ogawa hand massager" for her. Its suitable for mummy, coz now a days she keep complain her hand always numb & backache. Last Friday, mummy backache pain until cannot move, have to rest for awhile. On Sunday, daddy bring mummy go Kepong for acupuncture. That's why we are late for the MP Group gathering organise by Aunty Shiok Fun on that day.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Disney Puzzle from Sibu

Finally... I received this parcel - Disney Puzzle that I order from Mery; far away from Sibu. Its only selling RM28 for 4pcs. How much I had order??? Hehehe... Total here is 5 sets ; 3 sets from me & 2 sets is Aunty Shiok Fun.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Genting - 2nd Day

On the 2nd day, we split into few group and father in law follow us. We bring him go around Genting Highland, b'coz so many years he didn't come to Genting. This place had change a lot since his last visit.

Father in law, Jie Ying & Hubby... Jie Ying keep looking upwards for the colourful lighting.

This photo is outside the snow house. Still dun have chance to play inside.

Jie Ying wake up early this morning. Now already 12.40pm, normally this time she will take a short sleep. Look at her face, no mood at all.
We decide to go back home so that this little princess can sleep in the car on the way back home. Daddy stop at Batang Kali for the famous "Loh Mee" - our lunch - . Father in law seldom come here bah.

Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year @ Genting

Yeah !!! First time Chong family go travel together. We are going to Genting Highland for New Year count down. We book 3 room apartment but still need to add mattress.

Let me count how many of us... parent in law, 4 sister in law, 4 brother in law, brother in law's girlfriend, 3 baby/childred, my cousin brother, hubby & me... wah... 17 persons. PLUS my brother in law's friends 5 persons then total should be 22 persons. 22 persons in 3 rooms; lucky only for 1 night.

Hubby & I go Sunday market to get steamboat ingredients for this holiday trip.

The picture shown is our dinner tonite. Its only half of food we bought. Have to keep for tonite supper & tomorrow breakfast. Hahaha... Meal at Genting only steamboat ya.

After dinner, we are going for New Year Countdown at the open car park. But all place are crowd. Even the fireworks already start but we cannot find a place to watch. Lucky brother in law found a private place then only Jie Ying enjoy her first fireworks.

this 2 photo taken when we looking for a place to stand for fireworks display.
Look at her... she is shouting... Happy Happy !!!

After the Fireworks, we "lepak" at somewhere nearby. Wait until not so much ppl then only going back to apartment. Swan Yun jie jie so happly wt the stroller. Look at Jie Ying, she already want to sleep but her eyes still open big big...

snap this photo when we on the way back to apartment.

New Hair Style

Look at my daddy new hair style. If you saw guy comb his hair like this, how old you will guess he was???

Tell you a secret... my mom really scare when daddy comb this hair style and go out with her. Scare got pretty lady come and tagger him loh... Hahaha...

December 2007

Christmas present for Jie Ying...
Left : Animal clothes - Pig
Middle : 2 dress from mummy - grab from MV
Right : Hand-made cloth from Aunty Teng.

Bought this music hammer from SS2 Babyland. She like to put it into her mouth & "ham" the floor. Dun think it will last long at her Toys Box.

I really dun know how to teach this girl. When I scold her for playing the container cover, she always show me this smile face....

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everybody !!!

Mummy n daddy are having wedding dinner at Klang. They don't bring me together, so my first christmas nite are celebrate with my grandma & great grand-uncle. They bring me to Ikano & The Curve for christmas dinner.
See ... I m so happy ...

Please don't leave me alone here... I m so scare ...

Me & the Big Big Snow Man

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas at The Curve ~~~ 9 Months

Christmas decoration very nice at shopping centre. We already been to One Utama, today we are going to The Curve with grandma & grand uncle.

We had our dinner at Dragon-i Restaurant. Feed Jie Ying some soup, she will shout to request more.

Jie Ying's action when she saw the fountain.

We snap so many photo but due to Nikon camera no battery & this new videocam quality for photo is low... only can post this 3 photo...

photo no.1 > Jie Ying & I
photo no.2 > My Mummy & I
photo no.3 > Jie Ying & Grand Uncle.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ice Cream ~~~ 9 Months

Today is "Winter Solstice" means "guo tong", all the family member go back Kuang's house (In-Law house) for dinner. We had Ice Cream for dessert. Daddy let Jie Ying try on the Ice Cream too... Mummy capture her action. Lai sok also help us to record down using another camera, almost let Jie Ying snatch.

At Kuang

Only got 2 walker at In Law's house, occupied by the 2 youngers baby Jie Ying & Siew Yoke. So brother Jun Shang only can tumpang play only.
Look at this little dirty girl. She snap the remote control from the table and put into her mouth. Please teach me how to train her not to put everything into the mouth.